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NEN-EN-IEC 60974-4

The standard for the use of welding equipment.

A safe working environment through
welding equipment that meets
the NEN-EN-IEC 60974-4 standard.

2022 JVG 2862

The IEC 60974-4 is the European standard for welding equipment. Welding equipment must be periodically inspected according to the NEN-EN-IEC 60974-4 standard to guarantee its safe operation. Huisman Etech Experts can conduct a NEN-EN-IEC 60974-4 inspection for you, testing electrical safety aspects such as insulation resistance, earth connections and leakage current. The inspection consists of a visual inspection, measurements, tests and a test with a safety meter. Our findings are recorded in an inspection certificate, and the approved devices are labelled with an inspection sticker.


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