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Building automation installation

Building automation takes your electrical amenities to the next level

Comprehensive package of
building automation solutions


Building automation is a catch-all term for smart devices and automated systems that can be easily controlled via a tablet or control panel, from lighting to audio installations and camera or security systems. Building automation focuses on ease of use, energy savings and comfort. Huisman Etech Experts designs individual building automation systems but can also incorporate your various systems into a customised, integrated building automation system.

Building automation installation for your organisation

Government organisations, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, shops and offices are increasingly applying smart automation solutions. Building automation helps you meet high quality standards while saving costs and increasing sustainability.

Building automation solutions are used in various sectors. In the healthcare sector, they help meet clients’ increasing care needs. Increase comfort and sustainability in office buildings with individual, per-office temperature measurement with controllable valves for radiators and underfloor heating.

All our building automation solutions can be installed individually or as an integrated system. We integrate various building automation systems into the retail POS or cash register systems, for example, providing optimal control of lighting, customer counting and monitoring, surveillance and other technical applications in and around the store.


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