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Charging stations

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Are you looking for a suitable charging station for your home? Huisman Etech Experts supplies and installs charging stations for all types of electric cars. Our specialists and mechanics have extensive experience with wall boxes and smart plug & play charging stations. We work with various partners with our wide range of charging solutions to contribute to a better world.

Custom, professional advice

Every home and situation is different and requires a custom solution. Our consultants are happy to visit you and support the entire process, from advice and quote to installation. Together, we look for the best solution. We only use products that meet the highest quality requirements. Let us help you switch to sustainable and electric mobility safely and affordably.


Installation by our experts

Our experienced technicians will install your new charging station at your home. They lay the cabling, install the charger and show you how everything works, step-by-step. After installation, our service department remains at your service to resolve malfunctions immediately and guarantee you a working charging station 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

Frequently asked questions about home charging stations

What does a home charging station cost?

The total cost of a charging station depends on the application, location, installation costs and the type of charger. Additional adjustments to your house, driveway or garage will affect the cost.

What types of home charging stations are available?

There are various options to charge your electric vehicle at home. The two most common methods are the free-standing charging station and the wall box. A free-standing charging station is mounted on a pole, while the wall box is attached to a wall, e.g., in a garage. There are also other options, such as an underground charging station or hidden charging point.

Can anyone buy a home charging station?

A home charging station requires space on your property. If you do not have space, you can ask the municipality to install a public charging station near your home.

How fast can I charge at home?

The speed at which you can charge an electric car at home depends on your home’s connection to the electricity grid, among other things. This can be a single-phase connection or a three-phase connection. You can theoretically charge three times faster with a three-phase connection if the car supports it. A car battery can generally be fully charged in 8 to 10 hours through an electrical outlet at home. A public charging station is often twice as fast. At a fast charge point, charging can be completed within thirty minutes to an hour.

Is charging at home cheaper than at a public charging station?

Charging at home is cheaper than using a public charging station. Electricity from your home charging station or wall box costs an average of €0.23 per kWh, while you pay between €0.20 and €0.60 per kWh at a public charging station. Fast charging stations are the most expensive to install and use, so providers also charge the highest price per kWh.

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Every organisation and situation is different and requires a custom solution. Our consultants are happy to come and discuss your needs in person.

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Our dedicated staff engineer, install and maintain your systems to the highest quality standards. We are not satisfied until everything is in order.


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