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Home security

Secure your home against intruders with Huisman Etech Experts’ innovative security solutions.



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The right security solution for every home

Your house is where you feel safe and at home. Unfortunately, there are still many home burglaries in the Netherlands every year. Although burglary can never be completely prevented, the right security system can often keep potential burglars at bay. Huisman Etech Experts supplies and installs security solutions for all types of homes.

From advice to installation

Are you looking for an effective home security system? We offer a variety of innovative solutions, fully tailored to your needs, from camera systems, automatic lighting and presence simulation to intrusion detection.

Our consultants support the entire security process, from advice and installation to maintenance. We work together to achieve the best solution, using only products that meet the highest quality requirements. Our experienced technicians install and check all systems according to the strictest safety standards. The following are some of our security solutions:

Presence simulation

Presence simulation makes it seem as if you are at home, even when you are away for a longer period. Time-controlled switches and smart light routes automatically switch lights on/off at selected times and open curtains in the morning. Feel safe, all the time and everywhere.

Remote management

Do you want to monitor your security cameras from your holiday destination or quickly switch on the lights when it gets dark? Remote management puts you in control of all the operating software in the house via an app on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Your home, cleverly and easily secured, wherever you are.

Automatic lighting

Good lighting is an important part of home security. Motion sensors automatically activate your indoor and outdoor lights when someone approaches your home, helping to keep unwanted visitors at bay.

Camera systems

Our wide range of camera systems means we always have a suitable security solution for your house or flat. Our experienced technicians install and check all systems according to the latest and strictest safety standards. We aim to create a safe home for everyone.

Frequently asked questions about home security

How do burglars get in?

Most burglars enter a house through the back door (36%) or a window on the ground floor (23%). Burglars often also enter through the front door (21%). Breaking open doors and windows with a crowbar or screwdriver is the most popular method of entry.

When is a wireless alarm system installed?

A wireless alarm system is used in installations where laying cables is time-consuming, such as in existing dwellings with no empty conduits for the motion sensors and magnetic contacts. The switchboard is generally placed in the meter box.

I have pets. Will that be a problem for an alarm system?

No, this is not a problem. Our experts and technicians take pets into account when designing your security plan. We can offer pet-friendly detectors, for example.

Can I use camera surveillance to secure my home?

You may use camera surveillance to secure a home. A warning sign must be displayed whenever camera surveillance is used in publicly accessible areas.

What does CCTV stand for?

CCTV stands for closed-circuit television. The video feed is transmitted over a closed circuit or network. In other words, the camera footage is not broadcast publicly and cannot be received. This technique is used for camera security.

How long can I keep camera footage?

You may not keep camera footage longer than necessary. The guideline is up to four weeks. If an incident is recorded, you may retain the footage until the incident is resolved. You can programme your security system to store footage and delete it automatically after four weeks. 

Our method

For nearly 70 years.

Your requirements

No matter the challenge, we engineer, install and plan proactively on your behalf. We offer innovative solutions for today and the future.

On-site advice

Every organisation and situation is different and requires a custom solution. Our consultants are happy to come and discuss your needs in person.

Plan and price

We support the entire process, from advice, quote and installation to management and monitoring—clear, fast and transparent.

We take care of everything

Our dedicated staff engineer, install and maintain your systems to the highest quality standards. We are not satisfied until everything is in order.


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