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Huisman Etech Experts is a creative and innovative all-around partner for the industry. We design, build and install functional solutions for industrial customers with passion and knowledge.

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Huisman Etech Experts
for the industry

Regardless of the sector—be it food, machine construction, petrochemical, non-food, water boards, concrete, foundation and ceramics industries— we combine our experience in the sector with our knowledge of state-of-the-art technology. Our experience enables us to add value to our customers’ daily processes and help them respond to their challenges. Our industry knowledge and unique expertise in hardware, software and panel building lead to innovative solutions that are practical and reliable.



2022 Fundie JVG 7346

Robust and reliable hardware installations

Industrial environments require robust and reliable hardware installations to link all processes and safe and smart installations to guarantee continuity. Huisman Etech Experts’ systems meet all those requirements, allowing fast and efficient operation for optimal deployability!


Smart software

Our software engineers excel at translating complex issues into practical solutions. No challenge is too great for our experienced and highly-trained specialists. They develop and programme customised control systems based on your specific wishes and requirements. The result is fast and flawless operation, just as it should be.


Practical control panels

A well-functioning control panel makes it easy to control the processes within your organisation. However, we see vast differences in quality between various control panels and operating panels in practice. A well-designed panel reinforces the installation, and that is what we do best. We call on extensive knowledge and experience to develop control panels that perform safely and optimally while also remaining easy to operate.


Continuity guaranteed

A production line grinding to a halt, circuit overload, cable breaks, and dust or moisture penetration are a few examples of malfunctions in electrical installations. Huisman’s 24-hour service guarantees 24/7 availability to resolve disruptions. A custom maintenance agreement guarantees a working installation. We go even further by continuously looking at ways to further optimise your business processes.

Etech services

Engineering, installation and service & maintenance.

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Working together with Huisman Etech Experts

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What we stand for

We offer fast assistance

We like short lines of communication and personal contact. Our 24-hour service always makes the difference. Our experienced experts are at your service round the clock.

We aim to find a solution

That is the golden thread that runs through our services. We always think in terms of solutions, even when others do not see them.

We think ahead

We are a partner that understands, engineers and installs using the best products with passion and innovation. We offer innovative solutions for today and the future.