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A modern family business where you feel at home

Huisman Etech Experts is an innovative, all-round partner in electrical installations. We engineer, install and maintain electrical systems for clients all over the world. We are looking for people with a passion for electrical engineering who think in terms of solutions and who want to make a difference.

Why work at Huisman

Varied work

At Huisman, no two days are the same—challenge guaranteed.

Career opportunities

The electrical industry offers many opportunities. We want to help you grow.

Enthusiastic team

You will be part of an inspired group of professionals.

21 Vacancies and internships

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Vacancy Alert

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Projects we are proud of

202003 Nieuwbouw Cambreur College (Internet) Dongencambeur Ai 1 (4)
20210309 Geertjesgolf (23)
2021 Pondje (9)
20200715 Gemeente Overbetuwe (Van Internet) (5)

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