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Townhall renovation in Overbetuwe

The renovated town hall in the municipality of Overbetuwe was delivered in 2020. In addition to the renovation of the existing building, a new section was added. As part of a construction team, Huisman Etech Experts designed and implemented various installations independently, from the lighting to the CCTV system and the fire and intrusion alarms.

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Want to know more?

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Renewed town hall in Overbetuwe

The former town hall, including the building-related installations, required thorough renovation and expansion. Huisman Etech Experts participated in the tender for installing the electrical installations, including advice and design. As part of a construction team, we carried out the project adequately and decisively and, despite the chaos caused by COVID-19, delivered it within the agreed time.

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Fully electric

This incredible project utilised all our knowledge and experience. We designed and implemented various installations for the renovated section and the new building, from the electrical outlets to the lighting, fire safety, intrusion protection and camera surveillance. From a sustainability point of view, we installed presence sensors and implemented a building management system, ensuring that no energy is wasted in unused rooms. We also renewed the data infrastructure and installations. The new council chamber and other areas were equipped with future-oriented communication facilities. The new town hall is fully electric. To secure the power supply in a calamity, we installed an emergency backup generator.

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An operational environment

Everything had to continue working during the renovation and construction activities. Working in an operational environment requires excellent planning and improvisational skills. We installed temporary lighting and data communication facilities, among other things. The switch to the new installations was performed on a Saturday to avoid disturbing the regular work in the town hall.



We received a testimonial for the project. The client achieved considerable savings on the consultancy process by outsourcing it to us, enabling around 10% in additional investment in the building. The beautifully renovated and extended town hall offers a pleasant atmosphere for employees and citizens. In 2021, we also won a tender for service and maintenance on the systems we installed.

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