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Luxury dyke residence

Huisman Etech Experts was asked to design and manufacture all electrical installations for a luxury dyke residence in 2021. We worked as a construction team with the other parties involved and completed the assignment to the client's satisfaction.

Maas & Waal
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Want to know more?

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Unique and comprehensive package

Every home is unique, and every resident has specific wishes. As such, our activities in luxury residential construction are always custom. We delivered a comprehensive package of electrical installations for a modern dyke residence with a view of the garden and the river, supplying everything from smart home automation to electrical installation, intrusion detection, camera security and fire safety. All systems were delivered in accordance with the residents' wishes.

2021 Let Op Copyright, Duurzame Dijkwoning (12)
2021 Let Op Copyright, Duurzame Dijkwoning (17)
2021 Let Op Copyright, Duurzame Dijkwoning (25)

Construction team

We worked within a construction team with the client, the contractor and other parties involved. Good coordination is essential in projects of this magnitude. We needed information from various other parties to complete our installations, and others required the same from us—from the heating installer to the bathroom and kitchen supplier.

2021 Let Op Copyright, Duurzame Dijkwoning (1)

Comfortable and stylish

The beautiful lighting system completes the home's stylish exterior and interior. We focused on both elegance and the comfort of the residents. For example, our integrated room control system enables easy control of the heat pump and lighting system with a single control system. The residents can close the screens on the glass windows at the mezzanine level to shield them from bright sunlight and rain on the terrace, ensuring a beautiful view of the surroundings year-round.

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