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Electric foot ferry

Gelderland’s Rivierengebied—or river region—offers beautiful river views and is full of fruit trees. It is a wonderful location for outdoor recreational activities. Recreation company Uit®waarde is engaged in the sustainable preservation of the Rivierengebied.


Progressive fleet

Uit®waarde is making its entire ferry fleet sustainable. The sustainability programme began with the ferry across the Rhine between Heteren and Renkum. Huisman Etech Experts was asked to develop a fully electric control and drive system design.


Fully electric foot ferry

We worked with MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands) and Van Oossanen Naval Architects to design Uit®waarde’s first electrically powered foot ferry. Made to measure! We analysed all ferry lines thoroughly to offer a single electrical solution for all of them. Using the same technology everywhere keeps the electric ferries are maintenance-friendly and cost-efficient. The Huisman Diagnostic System ensures ease of operation and smooth sailing.

Voetveer Blauwdruk
20200527 Pondje Doop Eerste Elektrische Pond (2)

Big step in sustainability

Huisman Etech Experts designed and implemented the electrical control and drive systems. The ferry is driven by a 25 kWh electric motor powered by12 batteries with a combined net capacity of 45 kWh. The battery system is charged overnight so that the ferry can be fully operational during the day. Twenty solar panels have been installed above the entire deck of the ferry to support the battery system during the day. The result is wonderfully silent cruising with no CO2 emissions.