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Cambreur college

Cambreur College in Dongen wants its pupils to feel at home at school. The new main building opened in 2021. It is a beautiful, bright building amid greenery, with a separate wing for secondary education. A large, high auditorium with a grandstand connects all the learning wings. Three gymnasiums, an ICT square and numerous other facilities complete the picture.

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Want to know more?

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Open, bright and sustainable school

Cambreur College's former main building did not meet current standards and was outdated in terms of technology. Time for renewal! The school wanted an open and bright building with plenty of connection between inside and outside. Sustainability was also an important requirement.
Huisman Etech Experts was asked to supply the electrical installations, including emergency lighting and the building automation systems and data installations. There was one additional challenge: Cambreur College requested a future-proof, nearly zero-energy building.


20200622 CAMBREUR JST2105
20210129 CAMBREUR JST1845

Future-proof educational building

We supplied the building automation system, emergency lighting and intrusion alarm system, fire/evacuation system, data installation, and PA system. Together, the systems ensure a safe, smart and comfortable educational environment. The energy-efficient LED lighting provides plenty of light. We also installed six charging stations in the car park and installed 602 solar panels on the roof, making Cambreur College ready for the future.



Smooth cooperation

We worked with many different parties on this project. We worked with HEVO, Mertens Bouwbedrijf, Megens Installaties, Cepezed, Klictet, H4D and LBP Sight to create a main building we are proud of—a bright, sustainable school building where students can feel at home.

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