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Amare II

The Amare II yacht, delivered in 2020, is an eye-catcher. It is quiet, economical, luxurious and comfortable. Commissioned by Heesen Yachts, we supplied all electrical installations, including the innovative hybrid propulsion system.

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Want to know more?

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Huisman Etech Expert has been an innovative electrical engineering partner for Heesen Yachts in Oss for many years. Our expertise and solution-oriented approach lead to work on the most extraordinary yachts. Heesen Yachts mostly works with us on extraordinary and challenging projects. The Amare II is 50 metres long with a gross tonnage of just under 500 GT and is the second yacht from Heesen Yachts in the 5000 Hybrid class on which we have cooperated.

2020 Amare II (Hybride) Telefoon (17)
2020 Amare II (Hybride) Telefoon (13)
2020 Amare II (Hybride) Telefoon (15)

Hybrid drive

In addition to all electrical installations, we provided the e-propulsion system from design and engineering to installation and commissioning. The smart hybrid drive system is much quieter and more economical than conventional diesel engines. It also offers greater flexibility and cost savings.


Intelligent software

The hybrid system consists of pm motors with inverters. The ingenuity lies in the software we have developed. It is a scalable system, which means that the basic version can be expanded with various options such as a battery pack, silent overnight and silent cruising or three instead of two generators.

2020 Amare II (Hybride) Telefoon (16)

Cruising modes

The captain can set the desired cruising mode with the push of a button. The hybrid mode, for speeds up to 9 knots, is particularly quiet. The yacht is also very manoeuvrable in this mode. In economy mode (9-12 knots), the main engines are on and the generators off. The yacht consumes minimal fuel in this mode, making it ideal for longer distances. In traditional cruising mode (12–15 knots), the propellers are driven by diesel engines, and the generators supply the energy for the other onboard systems. In boost mode, the yacht is powered by generators and diesel engines and can reach a top speed of 16.3 knots.

Comfortable and progressive

The Amare II, which was fully tailored to the owner’s wishes, is not only progressive and sustainable but also comfortable. There is no noise pollution while sailing and laying at anchor. It is good for the crew and the environment, eliminating the need to run a diesel generator at the berth for electricity on board. It also means the yacht is not clouded in diesel fumes. As a nice side benefit, the hybrid drive is easier to maintain than a diesel drive.

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