Inland shipping

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Complete solutions for inland shipping

Inland shipping revolves around well-functioning and efficient systems. You require a safe, durable and reliable vessel and that is our speciality. You can count on us throughout the process from initial consultation to launch. Together, we will ensure that you keep up to speed with a modern technical system that is reliable under all circumstances and perfectly attuned to your needs and activities. Huisman Etech Experts lets you fulfil all your commitments.

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Allways in control

Once underway you want to be completely in control, with all the data from your vessel and cargo instantly visible on screen. We also give shipping companies a comprehensive overview of the performance of the vessels in service. Our software allows you to stay firmly on course while enjoying the best possible performance. It is an additional way to further guarantee the stability of your business.

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Safe and reliable

Control panels allow you to switch between the equipment and processes around you. What's more, intelligently designed panels can strengthen your system. A superior performance is of the essence for control panels and operating panels. Huisman Etech Experts ensures proper functioning, optimal safety and ease of operation.

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Sophisticated and user-friendly

Our ??promise is clear: comprehensive, reliable solutions. Entrust your electrical systems to us and we'll make sure you can stay focused on what you do best: sailing. A proper system should be modern, sophisticated, user-friendly and designed to fit your needs, today and tomorrow.

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Just stand still and then go forward

It makes good sense in every way to have your vessel periodically inspected. Huisman Etech Experts is certified for the maintenance of inland vessels and the measuring of isolation resistance. Recognising how important it is for you to avoid failures and lengthy downtime, we will create together with you a maintenance plan that is tailored to your needs. With efficient and effective maintenance, we make sure you keep sailing.

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Large resolving power

What if a failure occurs despite all your precautions? Make your problem our problem. Report it immediately to our service centre immediately and we will take over. We can provide remote initial support or dispatch a service engineer to your vessel if needed.

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Overview & insight

"I have an overview of my entire vessel at a glance and can immediately see if any systems are experiencing problems. Thanks to the Huisman Diagnostic System I have a complete overview, and receive more data without requiring extra staff. This is an excellent high-tech solution that keeps me up-to-date and helps me do my job. Progress with added value."

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Huisman Elektrotechniek becomes Huisman Etech Experts

DRUTEN  Sixty years after its foundation, Huisman Elektrotechniek presents an innovative new logo and house style which showcases the company's confidence in the future.

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