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Report breakdown

Contact Huisman Etech Experts directly If you experience a malfunction.

T +31 487 518 555


24/7 service

A production line that breaks down, a circuit breaker that stops working, an alarm system that fails to switch on or a short circuit caused by a specific device: these are just some examples of possible malfunctions in your electrical systems. The 24/7 service provided by Huisman ensures that malfunctions can be identified and resolved 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our electrical specialists are always at your service.

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Service Level Agreement

The quality of your system is essential for ensuring the continuity of processes. With a bespoke Service Level Agreement (SLA), we determine specific agreements about the maintenance of your electrical systems.

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Huisman Elektrotechniek becomes Huisman Etech Experts

DRUTEN  Sixty years after its foundation, Huisman Elektrotechniek presents an innovative new logo and house style which showcases the company's confidence in the future.

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