Residential construction projects

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Fully equipped

Atmospheric lighting when you come home or closing the curtains with your smartphone; in addition to standard electrical systems, Huisman provides specialist electrical solutions that allow you to operate a variety of electronic devices with a single press of the button. These solutions are known as domotics.

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Solutions against fire and burglary

There are almost 100,000 break-ins and 6,000 fires in the Netherlands every year. Having the right security system can prevent a lot of damage. This includes fire detection systems that can protect houses and apartments against fires.

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Carefree living

We all want to live in comfort and safety, and the electrical solutions from Huisman ensure this for home owners and their guests. This includes everything from practical electrical connections in the kitchen, dining room and living room to smart lighting controlled via a domotics system. Huisman facilitates smart living.

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From small to large

Our work doesn't end after delivery. Maintenance on and adjustments to your electrical systems will keep them in optimal condition so that you never encounter unwelcome surprises. Our expert engineers perform maintenance on your systems in accordance with the latest standards.

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Electrical installations according to the latest guidelines

Ensuring that the electrical systems in buildings are in optimal condition is one of the main aspects of facility management. As well as providing insight into the safety of the systems, inspections also help determine the budget and multi-year maintenance plans.

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Quick solution available

Obviously you like to feel safe and comfortable in your home, which is why our technical specialists are at your service 24 hours a day, seven days a week; either with advice by phone or to carry out activities on location. Irregularities in home electrical systems are quickly resolved to ensure you can start using them again as soon as possible.

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Huisman Elektrotechniek becomes Huisman Etech Experts

DRUTEN  Sixty years after its foundation, Huisman Elektrotechniek presents an innovative new logo and house style which showcases the company's confidence in the future.

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